Sagi Muki auctions judo memorabilia, helping coronavirus patients

Israel’s finest judoka Sagi Muki is holding a charity auction to buy ventilator coronavirus patients. The 27-year-old is selling his own judo memorabilia in order to raise money for life-saving ventilators that will be delivered to patients in his home town of Netanya, Israel.

“I hope I can raise as much money as I can for the purpose of saving lives. All the money that I will raise in this project will go to the hospital for equipment to protect against the virus,” Muki said.

Muki will be auctioning off personal items online, including his judo belt, a unique “red patch” awarded to Judo World Champions, and uniform from his winning moment at the 2019 Judo World Championship finals in Japan.

“We have raised almost 50,000 shekels (approx. $14,000),” Muki said. He shared that his target is to raise enough money for at least five ventilators.

“I hope I can raise as much money as I can for the purpose of saving lives.”

Since the postponement of the Olympics in Tokyo, which Muki was set to attend, he has continued his training from home despite the limitations being “very hard.”

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