“Salt Bae” says he wants fights with McGregor and Nurmagomedov

The last few months have seen a multitude of media personalities take up MMA. Now “Salt Bae” is joining the likes of Logan Paul and Wiz Khalifa by trying his hand at combat sport.

The 36-year old known as Nusret Gökçe, shot to fame after a video went viral of him sprinkling salt (with swag) over some meat. The clip amassed millions of views and propelled the Turkish chef to a new level of salt sprinkling stardom.

Salt Bae has profited off his 15-minutes of fame by opening several more steak houses where he is pictured with an entourage of celebrities. He has even attended Cannes Film Festival and graced the red carpet to debut his signature salt pinching pose.

The internet sensation is now preparing to trade butcher knives for gloves, as he embarks on a possible MMA career. He talked to RT News about his love for sport and showcased his workout regiment (that wouldn’t be complete without his trademark sunglasses.) He said:

“You know I am normally a butcher, but also I like sport. Every morning, I wake up early, first I do sport then all day working.

“Of course, sport is very important. Also, you know, foods, protein, meat, very important for a sportsman.”

The restaurateur also wants to fight the toughest opponents in the UFC. He said:

“McGregor, Khabib, everybody, I am ready. I respect too much but one day if you invite me, I am ready for fighting.”

Source: bjpenn.com

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