Sambo Absolute cup will be held in Sochi

The Russian city – Sochi will become the venue of the sambo Absolute Cup for the Prizes of the Union State of Russia and Belarus.

The tournament that brings together 16 sambists in the absolute weight category will take place on December 7 at the Ice Cube arena. The organizers expect the world, European and Asian champions from Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Romania, Serbia, France and other countries to enter the competition for the Cup.

Legendary sambists of past years will also take part in the event.

They will hold workshops, take part in the meetings with young athletes who can get an autograph and photos of the globally acclaimed sambo celebrities.

The sambo Absolute Cup for the Prizes of the Union State is dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of ratifying the Treaty on the Creation of a Union State of Russia and Belarus.

This is going to be the second tournament organized by the Athletes Association “We Are From SAMBO”. Competitions will be carried out with the support of FIAS and the All-Russian Sambo Federation.


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