SAMBO anti-doping seminar was held in Lebanon

More than 50 athletes and coaches from the Asian continent took part in a training seminar held by representatives of the Lebanese Anti-Doping Committee, connected with the Lebanese Olympic Committee, on the eve of the start of the Asian SAMBO Championships and Asian Youth and Junior SAMBO Championships.

Wissam Saadeh, Member of the Continental Results Management Panel for Asia/Oceania and board Member of the Arbitration Center for Sports Disputes in Lebanon delivered a keynote speech to the athletes. He told the participants of the seminar about the relevance of the fight against doping in sports, its scale in modern sports.

Expert also drew attention to the fact that athletes should be aware of all the changes that are taking place, because knowledge of the anti-doping rules protects the rights of athletes. Wissam Saadeh then recalled the responsibility for taking banned substances in sports, including in the event of a relapse.

“You can’t joke with this, as the consequences can be the most serious – from several months to a lifetime disqualification,” Wissam Saadeh emphasized.

The next speaker was Dr Jihad Haddad MSc, Departement Secretary, Sports Medicine & Anti-Doping Commission Lebanese Olympic Committee. He informed the athletes that during the competition, at the venue will host an anti-doping information and education program organized by FIAS jointly with the Lebanese Anti-Doping Committee for three days. Athletes who have successfully passed the anti-doping rules test will receive souvenirs.

In the final part of the seminar, Dr Hind Abdel Malak Member of the Sports Medicine and Anti-doping Commission, gave examples of prohibited substances that may be contained in certain products or medicines, and also talked about therapeutic exceptions for athletes who are forced to use drugs in case of chronic diseases.

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