United World Wrestling finalizes schedule for 2022 World Championships

United World Wrestling announced Thursday the schedule of events for the 2022 World Championships (September 10-18) in Belgrade, Serbia.

UWW revealed that Greco-Roman, women’s wrestling and freestyle will be the style-order for the 2022 edition of the World Championships.

Greco-Roman action opens the competition with four weight classes on September 10-11, before sharing the mat with women’s wrestling on September 12.

Women’s wrestling takes center stage September 13-14 with four weights per day. Following suit from the schedule of events from the 2019 and 2021 World Championships, freestyle action closes out the competition beginning on September 15.

Competition Schedule
September 10 – Greco-Roman (55-72-77-87kg)
September 11 – Greco-Roman (63-67-82-97kg)
September 12 – Greco-Roman (60-130kg) and Women’s Wrestling (55-62kg)
September 13 – Women’s Wrestling (50-53-65-76kg)
September 14 – Women’s Wrestling (57-59-68-72kg)
September 15 – Freestyle (70-79-86-125kg)
September 16 – Freestyle (57-74-92kg)
September 17 – Freestyle (61-65-97kg)
September 18 – Remaining freestyle finals

Source: www.uww.org

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