Sambo is test event for European games in Minsk

Yesterday started the International SAMBO Tournament for the Prizes of the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

It is held in Minsk. There was a special media conference dedicated to this event.

“When I was nominated for the job of the Technical Delegate of the Games, I willingly agreed to contribute to this significant spectacular sports festival. As to the strategy of FIAS, we aim to present our sport at as many multi-sport competitions as possible. This facilitates our integration and allows us to better adopt the global best practices. Every year, the International SAMBO Federation stages a lot of competitions, yet some minor details might still be found wanting. Such details can be gleaned at multi-sport competitions. Besides, the European Games should provide some fine experience for both the Belarusian and all other national SAMBO federations,” argued Sergey Tabakov – FIAS Executive Director.

“This year we traditionally established two special prizes: wristwatches that the select sambists will receive for their Will to Win and for the Best Technique. A year ago, sambists from Mongolia and Belarus became their winners, and in a few days, by the end of the tournament, we will learn who will get this year’s prizes,’ remarked Ksenia Valakhanovich. – Furthermore, this year we’ve got a cuddly toy once again, the tournament mascot. It’s a cute little teddy bear, the one the winners will get, along with their medals.”

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