Sambo’s chief confident in the Olympic future

The president of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) – Vasily Shestakov shared his thoughts on the future of the sport.

On 30th of november this year the International Olimpyc Committe (IOC) issued its recognition for the Sambo wrestling as an Olympic competition.

Thus the sport could officially enter the Olympic program of wrestling competitions and secure financial boost on behalf of the Olympic body.

“Today, Sambo wrestling is a sustainable sport,” Shestakov said speaking at a news conference, hosted by TASS. “The last Sambo World Championship was broadcasted live in 20 countries, 40 more countries broadcasted the recordings, and the championship attracted a television audience of over one million viewers.

The World Championship in Romania was broadcasted live by the Olympic television channel, which proves how interesting is our sport.
It wont be easy to get in the Olympic program, but we have our chances. We have to continiue working on improving and developing the international organisation as well as the national federations” Shestakov said.

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