Sambo’s “School of coaches” kicked off in Greece

The first set of “students” entered the “School of Trainers” organized by the Hellenic Federation of Sambo, Kurash, Chidaoba with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the country.

Online classes were stable exactly a month ago – February 18. In total, the first intake of the “School”, which included 43 trainers, will have to complete a course of 300 hours of theoretical and practical training. The course is scheduled to end in June 2022.

“In the course of training, coaches study both SAMBO and kurash at the same time, and we are sure that after receiving a diploma, they make a significant contribution to the popularization of these disciplines in Greece. The teachers at the “School of trainers” are high-level professionals from the Greek University of Physical Education and Sports Science. High-quality education of coaches and support from the relevant ministry are important components for the development of SAMBO in Greece,” said Merabi Iliadis, President of the National Federation.


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