Scott Coker: Cyborg is the greatest female fighter of all time

With former UFC women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg set to make her Bellator debut against Julia Budd in the new year, Bellator president Scott Coker, who formerly worked with Cyborg under the Strikeforce banner, hailed the multi-promotion champ as “the greatest female fighter of all time”.

“Cyborg is the greatest female fighter of all time. I don’t care what anybody says. I was there in the beginning too, I’ve seen it all unfold, and it’s a much different environment today than it was back then. But I know who’s been dominating for the last 10 years and who’s been destroying people for the last 10 years,” Coker said for

Image: БТА

“10 years from now we can have a different conversation, see how far different ladies can take it. But as far as today, you have the greatest female fighter of all-time fighting Julia Budd.”

Cyborg will take on Budd for the women’s featherweight title in the Bellator 238 main event.

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