Sensei Contreiras: Demonstration of Shotokan Self-Defence (VIDEO)

This video is about SENSEI CARLOS CONTREIRAS Martial Arts/Karate Self Defense demonstrations. Carlos Contreiras Sensei (KAKATO GERI) is a 5th Dan Shotokan Karate, Chief Instructor WSKF Karate Angola and The Centro de Karate Shotokan (CANKASHO). Sensei Contreiras is a Traditional Karate Master one of the most balance and respectfully karateka in the world. WARNING! This demo video is for mature audience only! Use common sense at all times. There are many moves to effectively disarm any extreme close range knife attack. Like: Grab, Close, Takedown, Escape and more. Carlos Contreiras Sensei, will show you the exact same techniques that he teaches to the world’s best students special tactical combat training. The Contreiras Sensei Knife Defenses and Disarms Tactical Combat System Rule was first conceived by Master Carlos Contreiras when he was training martial arts experts in US, South Africa, Japan, Europa seminar.


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