SENSHI 11 fighters weigh-ins (GALLERY)

All 22 fighters, who will take part in the 11th edition of SENSHI, made their weight limits at the scale at the Astor Garden Hotel, St. St. Constantine and Helena.

The International professional fight night is on Saturday, February 26, at 19:00 in the Congress Hall in Varna. Tickets for the event can be found in the network .

The SENSHI battle card includes a total of 11 matches between stars from 13 countries under the KWU Full Contact and KWU SENSHI rules.

Greetings to all participants were also sent by the special guests and referees of SENSHI  – K-1 greats, three-time and four-time K-1 world heavyweight champions Peter Aerts, Semmy Schilt and Ernesto Hoost, K-1 Max champion Albert Kraus and Shihan Alexander Pichkunov, Secretary General of the Kyokushin World Union (KWU).


Here are all the results:

Fight # 1

Cat. 70 kg, regulations: KWU Full Contact

Davide Pietrolini (Italy) – 70 kg

Aik Danielian (Russia) – 70 kg

Fight # 2

Cat. 70 kg, regulations: KWU Full Contact

Sergio Sanchez (Spain) – 70 kg

Dragomir Petrov (Bulgaria) – 69,300 kg

Fight# 3

Cat. 70 kg, regulations: KWU SENSHI

Alexandr Ivanov (Russia) – 70 kg

Petar Stoykov (Bulgaria) – 69,800 kg

Fight# 4

Cat. 7kg, regulations: KWU Full Contact

Cezar Buzdugan (Romania) – 71,900 kg

Atanas Bozhilov (Bulgaria) – 72,200 kg

Fight # 5

Cat. 80 kg, regulations: KWU Full Contact

Vladyslav Tiurmenko (Ukraine) – 79,900 kg

Eduard Aleksanyan (Bulgaria) – 80 kg

Fight # 6

Cat. 70 kg, regulations: KWU SENSHI

Alessio Malatesta (Italy) – 68,500 kg

Artem Pashporin (Russia) – 68,800 kg

Fight # 7

Cat. 80 kg, regulations: KWU Full Contact

Maxim Zaplitnii (Moldova) – 80 kg

Michael Astur (Estonia) – 80 kg

Fight # 8

Cat. 80 kg, regulations: KWU Full Contact

Ehsan Sajed (Iran) – 79 kg

Florin Lambagiu (Romania) – 79 kg

Fight # 9

Cat. +95 kg, regulations: KWU Full Contact

Uku Jürjendal (Estonia) – 117,300 kg

Ahmed Krnjic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – 114 kg

Fight # 10

Cat. 85 kg, regulations: KWU Full Contact

Boban Ilioski (Republic of Northern Macedonia) – 84 kg

Alexandar Petrov (Bulgaria) – 85 kg

Fight # 11

Cat. 80 kg, regulations: KWU Full Contact

Nikola Todorovic (Serbia) – 80 kg

Sergej Braun (Germany) – 79.600 kg

Photos: Lesemann Studio

The combat show will be broadcast live on the national television Bulgaria ON AIR, MAX Sport 1, on the American television FITE, as well as online on, Boec.BG,, and Kyokushin Karate News.

SENSHI 11 is organized with the cooperation of the KWU International Professional League, Armeec Insurance Group, Max Sport, Bulgaria Air, M-Car Group.

Media partners of the event are Boec.BG and Boec.COM, Bulgarian national TV Bulgaria ON AIR, US online platform for combat sports FITE,,,, Russian Union Of Martial Arts, Kyokushin Кarate News and Fighto.News.

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