SENSHI Cup: Suliman Kosumov vs. Seraly Abilkassym – 4.07.2019 (VIDEO)

The third fight of SENSHI Cup’s second night was a semi-final in the -70 kg category between the 31-years-old Russian Suliman Kosumov and the 20-years-old Seraly Abilkassym from Kazakhstan.

Kosumov was the aggressor at the beginning of the clash, moving forward most of the time and landing nice body kicks and punches. He finished the opening round with a stunning low-kick to the left leg of Abilkassym and it was obvious he managed to do some damage to his adversary. Everything was over in the second round when the more experienced karateka got close to Seraly to obliterate him with some beautiful punches and kicks and the Kazakh had to retire after he got knocked down.

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