SENSHI Summer training camp kicked off with a bang

The first day of the 2022 SENSHI summer training camp started on the high note. As usual. The massive international event is being held under the guidance of the Bulgarian karate kyokushin federation in Kamchia, where the first two training sessions took place today.

The event is scheduled to end on Saturday night when the 12th edition of the international fight night SENSHI will take place on the beach in front of the restaurant “More” in Saints Constantine and Helena.

The first training sessions started at 9 a.m. with hundreds of Bulgarian and foreign fighters attending the action.

K-1 legends Ernesto Hoost, Peter Aerts, Semmy Schilt and Albert Kraus were once again in the building. This time though, they were accompanied by non-others that the five-time Australian kyokushin champion and multiple K-1 Grand Prix participant Sam Greco and the Danish kyokushin karateka and former heavyweight kickboxer Nicholas Pettas.

The fighters got divided into six groups with the arrangement that they will switch instructors as the sessions and the week goes by.

The newcomers’ Sam Greco and Nicholas Pettas wasted no time and went straight to action, demonstrating various techniques from their arsenal.

“The level of European fighters went up in multiple ways in the last couple decades”, Greco said to the students around him. “When I was fighting back in the days the most important thing was to be the strongest and most powerful. Now, it’s all about being the smartest guy”, the Austrian legend added. Pettas emphasized the importance of proper distance and timing. The Danish was handing out helpful guidelines, paying attention to every couple around him.

“Remember, your jab is your most basic punch. Everything starts with it, but at the same time, that should be your minimum”, said “The Blue-eyed Samurai” to the fighters.

The former “K-1 MAX” and “SUPERKOMBAT” welterweight and middleweight champion Albert Kraus took under his wings the lightweight fighters. “The Hurricane”, who was greatly assisted by Bulgaria’s Vladimir “The Pitbull” Valev, demonstrated a lot and different combinations to the youngsters who were following him through every motion and exercise. The juniors got valuable lessons on their counterattack game, as Kraus was non stop moving and observing his students. More often than not he was reminding them to switch their sparring partners in order to get a taste of more fighting styles.

Peter Aerts, the three-time K-1 WGP heavyweight champion, showcased techniques and niceties of the inside fighting style, as e didn’t forget to bring up the importance of the proper defensive stance. “The Dutch Lumberjack” was assisted by his son Marciano Aerts. His daughter -Montana Aerts, took part in the second session of the day, showcasing a glimpse of her athleticism and power prior to her SENSHI debut.

The four-time K-1 WGP heavyweight champion Semmy Schilt laid stress on the unusual two-man drills, so the competitors can get used to working as one and relying on each other. “The Hightower” demonstrated a lot of attractive combos, combining various off-beat strikes.

The other four-time K-1 WGP champion and fight royalty in the building – Ernesto Hoost was all smiles and his uplifted spirit caught up to the others around him. “Mr. Perfect” demonstrated a lot of techniques of his own arsenal – mostly the ones including knees and low kicks. He didn’t forget the defense aspect of the game, kindly pointing out mistakes and putting emphasis on the little details. One of the best Brazilian kickboxers – Bruno Gazani, who will make his SENSHI debut this Saturday night, was part of Hoos’s group.

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