Six medals for Bulgaria at “Dan Kolov-Nikola Petrov”

Yesterday in Ruse, Bulgaria the 57th annual wrestling tournament “Dan Kolov-Nikola Petrov” was concluded.

550 wrestlers from 45 countries took part in the tournament and 30 gold medal were handed to the winners.

The home country Bulgaria won 6 medals – Daniel Aleksandrov was victorious in the 77 kg, (Greco-Roman), Georgi Vangelov took the bronze in the 57 kg category (Freestyle), Konstantin Stas also won bronze in the 67 kg category (Greco-Roman), Aik Mnatsakanian was a runner-up in the 72 kg category (Greco-Roman), Miloslav Metodiev finished third in the 130 kg category (Greco-Roman) and Taybe Yusein got the silver in the women 62 kg category.

The United States and China claimed the team titles.

GOLD – United States (147 points)
SILVER – Russia (115 points)
BRONZE – Turkey(100 points)
Fourth – Ukraine (88 points)
Fifth – Georgia (80 points)

Women’s Wrestling 
GOLD – China (112 points)
SILVER – Ukraine (92 points)
BRONZE – United States (77 points)
Fourth – Turkey (75 points)
Fifth – India (65 points)

HERE you can see all the winners from each category.


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