Sofia 2022 Day 3: A lot of upsets at the European championship

A quite surprising development was set at Day 3 of the European Championships in Sofia.

Former World Champion Madeleine Malonga lost in the quarter final to Alice Bellandi of Italy who stepped up from U70kg to U78kg after the Olympic Games. She makes a big step but she lost the semi final to a similar athlete, Alina Boehm. The German also made a transition from U70kg to U78kg and a good one. She made it to the final against Guusje Steenhuis, who was more expected. The Dutch woman showed to be on her way back after a disappointing Olympic Games with recent silver in Antalya, this time the gold is waiting for her. Steenhuis simply cannot afford to lose this one after so many silver medals in her career against stronger opponents. She lost four European finals and must win this one against Boehm who never won a European medal.

U90kg it will be Luka Maisuradze who can win the European title as he defeated Krisztian Toth in the semi final. Maisuradze never won a European medal. Theodoros Tselidis was aother surprise in this category. He overcame favourite Mammadali Mehdiyev in the quarter final and won his pool but lost the semi final against Darko Brasjnovic of Serbia while he led by wazari 25 seconds before the end. Serbian Brasjnovic is another surprise who won against Jesper Smink in the quarter final and Mihael Zgank in the second round. He defeated Tselidis in the semis as the Greek got penalised three times. Smink’s compatriot and former World Champion Noël van ‘t End lost in his first contest, so did Nemanja Majdov, so surprises all over on Sunday.

What a battlefield in the U100kg category with double World Champion Jorge Fonseca who was undefeated in the field, but he lost to Piotr Kuczera of Poland who also defeated double World Champion (U90kg) Nikoloz Sherazadishvili in that same pool. Kuczera won the semi final of Daniel Eich another surprise who beat Aleksandar Kukolj and Varlam Liparteliani. The two Dutchmen are doing great and both won their pools. Simeon Catharina defeated Peter Paltchik and Michael Korrel overcame Elmar Gasimov who surprised Ilia Sulamanidze, perhaps the biggest challenger of Fonseca, but it all went differently. Korrel defeated Catharina in the semi final and will now face Kuczera in the final. Korrel and Europeans was never a good marriage, but this time gold is shining on the horizon.

Dutchmen Jur Spijkers and Roy Meyer will be battling for an Olympic spot in Paris in the next years. Today it gave a good insight. Meyer will be fight for bronze, Spijkers defeated the super favourite Guram Tushishvili in the semi final for heavyweights. Spijkers (25) never won a European medal and will now be opposed to Johannes Frey of Germany, two clashes of styles. Johannes Frey bested Richard Sipocz of Hungary in the semi final. Also Frey never won a European medal.

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