Sofia hosts international karate tournament this weekend

Over a thousand karatekas from more than 20 countries will compete at the international karate tournament “Nikon Open” at “Asics Arena” , Sofia this weekend. The competition is hosted for the seventh time by SC “Nikon”, Bulgarian Karate Federation and Sofia – European Culture Capital.

Top european and world competitors will be part of the event. So far France, Italy, Germany, Ukraine have signed up. Sportsmen from distant countries as Azerbeidzan, Algeria, Botswana, Nepal are also flying to Bulgaria.

All age groups can participate. On 16-th of march there will be juveniles, women, men and veterans and on the next days only children will compete in three disciplines – makevara, kata and kumite. The grand opening is scheduled for Saturday 1:00 PM.

The tournament is part ot the initiative Sofia – European culture capital and the main goal is to create a celebration for kids. Karate received Olympic recognition and will be one of the five new sports in the Tokyo Olympic games in 2020.

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