Sonnen: Mcgregor мade “мiscalculation” in аccepting Cerrone fight

Chael Sonnen is of the belief that Conor McGregor was overlooking one crucial factor before agreeing to headline UFC 246 opposite Donald Cerrone.

As is always the case when a Conor McGregor bout is announced, the MMA world is a-buzzing. This includes one Chael P. Sonnen, who recently shared his thoughts on the UFC 246 main event, which will feature McGregor facing Donald Cerrone:

“Conor is likely to go in as the heavy favorite…,” Sonnen said on his Bad Guy Inc YouTube show.

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“But understand one thing. The fight is scheduled for five rounds. If Conor ever had a flaw in his career, and he hasn’t had very many, he’s been open to admit it, he gets tired.

“To come off that layoff that he’s had… and yes he’ll be looking for that finish, he’ll be looking for that left hand, he’ll be looking to get Cowboy out of there, I understand that.

“But he did the same thing with Nate Diaz, and when he found out that Nate could take a punch, all of a sudden you’re in the later rounds, and all of a sudden you’re out of energy.”

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All things considered, Sonnen believes that Conor McGregor either failed to consider the significance of the number of rounds the main event will have or he may have gravely dismissed it:

“I do feel in many ways the miscalculation here is to walk back into a five-round fight,” Sonnen said.


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