Spain gives re-start to “Judo for Everyone” campaign

In October “Judo for Everyone” returns.

t is a program that is developed through the Spanish Judo Federation, thanks to a grant from the Higher Sports Council, the highest public institution in the country in the field of sport. The program aims to promote and encourage gender equality through the values of judo in the educational centers of Madrid’s region.

For those who do not know, judo is a complete sport and an educational one, a sport which promotes the values of tolerance, respect, mutual welfare and at the same time works on and improves the self-esteem and inner strength of boys and girls alike . No one is different, there are no uneven rules or disparate deals. This is what judo has, equality at its best.

The campaign includes school visits from elite judoka in Madrid and elementary students will be given theoretical and practical judo workshops.

Each workshop day will begin with the theoretical aspect. The athletes, in an entertaining and fun way, will explain to the students what judo really is, the values of this sport and the importance of incorporating physical activity into their daily lives. The programme will give greater visibility to some of the women who have achieved so much within Spanish sport.

Next, the hands-on workshop will begin. On the tatami the students will participate in a fun and engaging session of judo games, as an introduction to practical judo. They will progress towards  experiencing fighting games and will also have the chance to experiment with some motor skills specific to judo.

In October 2019 the Spanish Federation launched the first edition of “Judo for Everyone” and it was a success. More than 4,000 children participated in the campaign. The organisers visited 50 schools in Madrid and the feedback they received from students, teachers and educational centres was excellent.


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