Spain won the Mediterranean games 2022

Spain, Kosovo and Turkey are the three countries with three gold medals. This was the outcome of the third day of the Mediterranean Games. On the last day, Turkey collected another two gold medals. Still, Spain is the biggest winner after this hard competition.

The current African champion Benamadi (ALG) U90kg, Spain attended with world champion Sherazadashvili, Serbia’s European Championships silver medallist Brasnjovic and former world number one U90kg Aleksandar Kukolj. Much to look out for and it didn’t disappoint.

Kosova added another medal and scored each day of the games. This time it was Loriana Kuka (KOS) who finished the quarter-final U78kg in ne-waza by applying tate-shiho-gatame and in the semi-final she used juji-gatame against Pavic (CRO).

This early trend for winning in ne-waza continued on the other side of the draw with Chloe Buttigieg (FRA) winning her semi-final against Ouallal (ALG) by scoring waza-ari in tachi-waza with a combination of o-soto-gari and nidan-ko-soto-gari but she continued in ne-waza with a holding technique.

The final was set and it was Kuka who demonstrated her best judo in Oran taking gold with a tani-otoshi for waza-ari and a third gold medal for Kosovo giving them a second place in the medal ranking with five medals in total.

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