Special awards were displayed at the press-conference before KWUCHAMP 2019

In Press Center of the Martial Arts palace Jekpe-Jek was held the official press-conference before KWUCHAMP 2019 with participation of Abat Imambayev – Director of the Martial Arts Association of Kazakhstan, Farhad Amankulov – Secretary-General of the Martial Arts Association of Kazakhstan together with Igor Petrukhin – Chief Producer of the 4th KWU World championship, Alexandr Pichkunov – Secretary-General of the KWU and Sergey Suvorov – Director of the 4th KWU World Championship.

The special, hand made awards for the men and women with the best performances were displayed at the official meeting. A total of 60 sets of prizes will be awarded in 15 categories: 9 for men and 6 for women. There are also special awards for Fighting spirit, Best technique, and Best team.


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