Stipe Miocic regains UFC heavyweight title, TKO’s DC (VIDEO)

Stipe Miocic (19-3) is the new UFC heavyweight champion following his TKO victory over Daniel Cormier (22-2) at UFC 241’s main event.

More than 12 months after Cormier KO’d the 36-year-old Miocic, now the American of Croatian descent avenged his last year’s loss and got back to the top of the mountain. Referreeherb Dean stopped the fight at 4:09 into the fourth round.

“DC” was the aggressor from the get-go,  blasting Stipe with some hard leg kick then moving up and doing a great job with his left and right punches. Miocic was sloppy in the opening round, not using his height advantage and standing for too long in front of Cormier. Daniel showcased some amazing boxing skills from distance. In the second and the third round thing got more debatable, as Stipe started using his jab more and more. The exchanges were often, as Cormier was getting the better. In the third part, Stipe started backing up his adversary, but he still couldn’t get the damage he was looking for.

Then in the fourth, the challenger made some decisive changes to his game plan. He started targeting Cormier’s body and landed several left uppercuts which exhausted the champion. Less than a minute until the end of the 4th, Stipe landed a massive left uppercut to the body followed by a perfect straight right to the head.  Miocic pressed forward with a huge barrage of punches with one after another blasting Cormier as he wobbled against the fence. The last shots put Cormier down and out as he collapsed to the ground as referee Herb Dean rushed into stop the fight while Miocic threw his hands in the air in celebration.

Stipe’s championship fight record is 5-1 now, as there is no clue if DC will be retiring or he’ll try to get a trilogy with Miocic or Jon Jones.

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