Successful Youth Karate Championships held in Belarus

The city of Minsk hosted the 2020 Belarus Youth Karate Championships. Nearly 300 athletes gathered at the event as the Karate world gradually aims at going back to normal.

Young athletes from all over the country and representing 34 Karate organisations participated in the event which presented competitions in both Kumite and Kata modalities. It was the first official national Karate tournament in the country after the lock-down period.

The Republican State School of Olympic Reserve sports hall in Minsk welcomed the 257 young karatekas who followed the recommendations of the national authorities. Measures were reinforced to guarantee the well-being of participants and staff members.

The event was held from September 24 to 25, and 33 medals were awarded. After the tournament, a press conference was held at the venue headed by Belarus Karate Federation president George Katulin. The development of Karate in the country and the Olympic prospects of the sport were discussed.


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