Sugar Ray Leonard talks the difference between 12 and 15 round fights

During a conversation between WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman and Hall of Famer Sugar Ray Leonard, the two discuss the reduction of championship fights from 15 to 12 rounds with Leonard explaining his perspective on the difference between the two and Sulaiman citing a study which demonstrated it being safer for the fighters.

“The difference between going 12 round and going 15 rounds is boys to men,” Leonard began. “It’s that additional three rounds — in fact, I almost relied on those late rounds because I came on strong. But I’m all for what’s best, what’s healthiest for the fighters. I don’t care if it’s 20 rounds — whatever’s best for the fighters.”

Sulaiman would add:

“You know UCLA came out with a formula where you put dehydration + fatigue + a solid blow = a mortal injury. And that’s the reasoning behind reducing fatigue and dehydration, because the less you fight, the less those things occur.”

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