Sumo tournament Honbasho

The Honbasho is an official professional sumo tournament. There are six held each year.

The system is established in 1958. Only honbasho results matter in determining promotion and relegation for rikishi (sumo wrestlers).

Tournaments in general may be called basho.

This is like “main” or “real” tournament. They last for 15 days. Sumo wrestlers ranked in the top two divisions (makuuchi and jūryō) wrestle once each day, while those of the lower divisions wrestle seven times, approximately once every alternate day.

Honbasho Nickname City Venue Opening Day
January Hatsu (Opening) Basho Tokyo Ryōgoku Kokugikan 1st or 2nd Sunday
March Haru (Spring) Basho Osaka Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium 2nd Sunday
May Natsu (Summer) Basho Tokyo Ryōgoku Kokugikan 2nd Sunday
July Nagoya Basho Nagoya Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium 1st or 2nd Sunday
September Aki (Autumn/Fall) Basho Tokyo Ryōgoku Kokugikan 2nd Sunday
November Kyūshū Basho Fukuoka Fukuoka Kokusai Center 2nd Sunday

Source: Wikipedia, Japan Times, You Tube.

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