Takakeihso aims at promotion to yokozuna

One day after capturing his second Emperor’s Cup, ozeki Takakeisho said his goal is to get promoted to sumo’s highest rank yokozuna.

The 24-year-old conceded only two losses at the November Basho and deservingly won the grand tournament that took place in Tokyo.

He entered the final day needing to beat komusubi Terunofuji in order to clinch the title but was forced into a playoff after being slammed down by the former ozeki.

In the playoff, Takakeisho showed off his patented thrusting attack and bulldozed Terunofuji off the raised ring before lifting the Emperor’s Cup for the first time since winning as a komusubi at the Kyushu meet in November two years earlier.

“It was a different kind of championship. It was a little more exhausting. But being able to produce good results will be a source of encouragement for the future,” Takakeisho said.

“I want to give it everything I can before the start of the first day (of the meet) and go the distance to win,” Takakeisho said during an online press conference from his Chiganoura stable in Tokyo.

Source: www.japantimes.co.jp

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