Technique and explosiveness on focus in the second day of the KWU International Professional League seminar

The KWU International Professional League seminar that is taking place in Varna, Bulgaria, is going at full speed on the second day of the event. The participants kicked off Saturday with an early training session that was led under the guidance of the instructors in “Vladislav” hall.

The fighters were once again divided into 4 separate groups, with each and every one of the Dutch instructors teaching and showcasing different techniques and aspects of the fight game. The training session kicked off with a serious warm-up which broke a sweat in some of the participants.

Peter Aerts showcased some different ways to free up a space when a fighter is on the inside. “The Dutch Lumberjack” was constantly reminding his students to act as realistically as they can and to mimic a real fight.

You shouldn’t just throw the punch or just block it. It is important to keep your partner under pressure and to make him think“, Arts said several times.

Semmy Schilt was once again working with the instructors and the senseis, showcasing them different methods in the teaching process and proper warm-up exercises. “Hightower” was enjoying the assistance of Czech Republic’s Jan Sokup – another regular at the KWU seminars. Sokup demonstrated his elite skills to the group, as the 4-time K-1 World champion was pushing the tempo nonstop.

“Don’t stop moving. 1-2 move. 1-2-3 move. If you don’t move, your opponent will have an easier time in the ring with you“, Schilt insisted.

The newcomer in the instructors’ team Albert Kraus demonstrated top-notch boxing combos. The Dutch was standing firm on the correct execution of the kicks and strikes. “The Hurricane” paid attention to every single pair of fighters, pinpointing their mistakes and guiding them.

“It’s important to work on your technique and not so much on your power. Do the combinations the right way and the power will come later”, Kraus explained.

The other 4-time world K-1 champion Ernest Hoostgot the biggest group of participants. “Mr. Perfect” emphasized the different variations of the counterattacking game. Hoost demonstrated a lot of techniques for cutting the distance and was encouraging his students to always think on their next move.

It doesn’t matter what kind of situation you’re in. If you’re attacking or not. You should be able to attack from various and unorthodox positions in order to surprise your opponent“, Hoost insisted.

The training seminar in Varna will continue until the 5th of December and will be part of the unique “3-in-1” event, where martial arts fans will be able to enjoy the Kyokushin European Championship for men and women, as well as the long-awaited combat show SENSHI 10.

Images: Studio Lesemann

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