Teddy Atlas criticises Wilder’s trainer

One of boxing’s great minds Teddy Atlas believes the former WBC world heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder, needs a new team in order to defeat Tyson Fury in the upcoming trilogy fight.

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Wilder, 34, got exposed in his last outing against ‘The Gypsy King’ in February when the Brit TKO’d him inside 7 rounds.

Atlas thinks that at this stage of his career the American and his team won’t be able to fix his game and make him a better boxer and that Jay Deas should fire himself for not teaching Wilder the ‘sweet science’.

“If I were his trainer, I’d fire myself because I’ve always not taught him,” said Atlas to Seconds Out about Wilder. “I think there’s a lot of things he wasn’t taught before. This isn’t news, and he paid the price for the things he wasn’t taught, something he never learned other than he’s got power.

“That’s not even taught. That’s born, not made,” said Atlas. The power that he’s got in his right hand. Great power, and it makes up for mistakes sometimes. It makes up for errors sometimes, a lot of mistakes.

“But if that’s all you have and you don’t build other things around it, then one day you’re going to be in a situation where it’s not enough. You’re going to pay the price for the things that you didn’t develop, and didn’t learn.

Image: BGNES

“As far as the question, ‘what are they going to change?’ How are those people going to change anything? If they haven’t taught him up to to this point, how are they going to teach him now? Are they going to wait until he lost to bring out the real artillery?

“Did they wait until he lost to say, ‘Now, I’m going to teach you.’ Really? I don’t think that was in anyone’s plan. That’s not a good one if it was. It’s not too good. If they were going to teach him something, it would have been taught already,” said Atlas.

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