Teofimo Lopez: Lomachenko Is Shook


That’s the word Teofimo Lopez used to describe what he sensed sitting across the stage from Vasiliy Lomachenko on Wednesday night. Lomachenko and Lopez never came anywhere near each other before, during or after a press conference ESPN televised live from MGM Grand Conference Center.

“He feels it,” Lopez told BoxingScene.com following the press conference. “He knows what’s up. We’re ready, though. I’m who I am. I can’t wait to display it on October 17th.”

A relaxed Lopez and his team had hoped for some semblance of a traditional staredown toward the end of the press conference.

“He’s shook,” Teofimo Lopez Sr. said, using the same word as his son. “That’s why they didn’t wanna have the face-to-face. They said no. That’s why I said what I said. ‘We’ve gotta have the staredown! We’ve gotta have the staredown!’ But they don’t wanna scare them anymore. That’s their little boy. After Saturday, everything’s gonna change at Top Rank. There’s gonna be a new king, and I can’t wait. Nothing was given to us. We took it.”

Except for Friday’s weigh-in, employees of Bob Arum’s Top Rank Inc. and MGM Grand will continue working to keep Lomachenko and Lopez apart until they enter the ring Saturday night at MGM Grand Conference Center.

“He’s on one side of the hotel,” the younger Lopez said. “I’m on the other side of the hotel. We’ve got security guards who walk us in and out. They timed everything. They all communicate with each other, meaning the security guards, to make sure we don’t run into each other. For whatever reason, they expect us to throw hands in the hotel hallway. Nah, we’re able to wait. We’ve only got three more days.”

“I already see that this guy is shook,” Lopez Sr. said. “He made us go through hell to get here. He made us get a belt. And we did it, because we knew we could. But you saw him up there. He’s so stiff. He’s gonna realize on Saturday, when he walks into that ring, that he made a big mistake. But thank God he did, because we didn’t want this guy to get away. We got it.”

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