Teofimo Lopez needs a strategy to beat Lomachenko

Jorge Linares is giving Teofimo Lopez a chance at beating Vasiliy Lomachenko for when the two meet up later this year in 2020 in the lightweight unification match.

Linares feels that Teofimo only has power on his size as his only advantage. In contrast, Lomachenko has speed, technical skills, ring IQ, and his southpaw stance to win.

“I think it’s a good fight,” said Jorge Linares to Fino Boxing. “Lopez is a very tough opponent, and he has a punch, and Lomachenko is the best boxer in the world pound-for-pound, and he’s very fast.”

“He’s quick, and he has amazing combinations and power, but Lomachenko isn’t the same Lomachenko from two years ago when I was fighting with him. So you could see that in his last fight with him.”

Image: БТА

“So we’ll see. But I’m still thinking that fight is a little bit of worry for Lomachenko. I think so, but still, he has a lot of opportunities.”

“For me, if that fight happens, I think Lomachenko will win the fight,” said Linares in picking Loma over Teofimo. “I think so for the decision. Lomachenko is a southpaw, he’s fast, and he moves very quickly, and I think Lopez is not ready for that.”

“I remember Lopez in the fight against Masayoshi Nakatani. I think not the last fight, but another fight. Two fights before. So I think the fight is going to decision. He was so complicated with that Nakatani.”

Image: БТА

“So, Lomachenko is more complicated than that guy, but we’ll see. Teofimo need to make a good plan. Like me, when I was fighting with Lomachenko. If Lopez makes a good strategy against Lomachenko, then maybe he can get the chance, but we’ll see,” said Linares.

“Maybe Lopez can drop Lomachenko, but boxing is not only the power. It’s here in the head and the speed too, you know? So, Lomachenko has that. Lopez only has power, and that’s it.”


“I don’t have that power like Lopez, but I’m quick, I’m fast, and I’m very smart, and I make a good plan, and I make a good strategy. That’s why Lomachenko never did the same boxing as he did with everyone with me in that fight and in that moment.”

“I think Lopez needs to make a good strategy and to make a good plan to do an amazing fight with Lomachenko. It’s complicated. He’s an amazing boxer,” said Linares.

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