Thai Fight Rayong fight card announced

As it was announced a couple of weeks ago, Thai Fight Rayong takes place on November 28 in Thailand.

The fight night will provide a total of nine bouts – two Muay Thai contests and seven Kard Chuek matches, where fighters wrap their hands in ropes instead of using gloves.

Muay Thai legend Saenchai will be once again fighting in the main event of the night. This time he’ll be facing Brazil’s Gabriel dos Santos. The bout will be conducted in the -68 kg catchweight category.

Here’s the full fight card of Thai Fight Rayong:

Saenchai P.K. Saenchai Muaythaigym (Thailand) vs. Gabriel dos Santos (Brazil), 68 kg, Muay Thai

P.T .T V.Rujirawong (Thailand) vs. Brian Allevato (Argentina), 69 kg, Kard Chuek

Iquezang Kor.Rungthanakeat (Thailand) vs. Parmit Grover (Holland), 70 kg, Kard Chuek

Tengnueng Sitjesairoong (Thailand) vs. Thiago Teixeira (Brazil), 78 kg, Kard Chuek

Kongklai Annymuaythai (Thailand) vs. Ratchasing Rongreankeela-Korat (Thailand), 64 kg, Kard Chuek

Saiyok Pumphanmuang (Thailand) vs. Fabio Reis (Portugal), 72 kg, Kard Chuek

Petchjeeja Lukjaoporongtom (Thailand) vs. Mariana Bernardes (Brazil), 51 kg, Muay Thai

Saensatharn P.K. Saenchai Muaythaigym (Thailand) vs. Ruslan Ataev (Russia), 73 kg, Kard Chuek

Gumpun Sor.Tawanrung (Thailand) vs. Nabil Igli (Morocco), 66 kg, Kard Chuek

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