The KWU Youth World Cup changes its format

For the first time in the history of the KWU Youth World Cup, the karatekas will compete in two absolute divisions – one female and one male.

The event takes place on Tuesday (18.08) in Kamchia, Bulgaria.

This is the second time in the history of KWU where there’s such a tournament after the one in Moscow in 2012, but the one difference is that 8 years ago the event was only for men. The tournament will produce a total of 27 matches on a single tatami.

The interesting format was presented at the Technical seminar by the deputy chief of judges – Sensei Stoyan Dimov amid the 14th International KWU Summer Camp. The reason behind the decision for the absolute divisions is to create more exciting and disputed fights.

All the medalists from the tournament will receive cash prizes as follows:


1st place – 3000 euro

2nd place – 2000 euro

3rd place – 1000 euro


1st place – 2000 euro

2nd place – 1500 euro

3rd place – 1000 euro

In accordance with tradition, there will be special awards for the best technique and high spirit.

The basic criteria for the judge’s scoring were also clarified. The most significant for the judges will be the damage that is being caused by the karatekas. The second one is the proper technique of the fighter. The number of strikes landed comes at third and if there is still no clear winner, the fighting spirit and the will for the win will determine the top dog of the match.

Last year the event was conducted in three separate age categories, but due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, the participants will be between the age of 18 and 21.

The KWU Youth World Cup is the successor of the “International Varna Cup” which debut was back in 2017.

You can watch live the KWU Youth World Cup at

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