The life of a sumo wrestler

Saginaw Township Chiropractor Dr. Daniel Kehres told “nbc25news” some interesting tips about the life of a sumo wrestler.

First they skip breakfast.

А sumo training facility in Japan, sumo wrestlers skip breakfast because doing so puts their body into starvation mode. Their body then holds tightly to fat.

After skipping breakfast, sumo wrestlers eat a large lunch with a high-calorie beverage. Soda will work. Juice could do, but sumo wrestlers also enjoy beer.

Drinking a high-calorie beverage, what this does is it increases the amount of calories they are consuming during the meal.

After lunch, they take a nap.

They move as little as possible, because movement will burn calories, which is not something sumo wrestlers want to do.

When sumo wrestlers wake up they do not snacks. They will not eat until dinnertime, when they will have a second and final meal of the day. This helps keep their metabolism low.

That’s how sumo wrestlers gain as much weight as possible, said Dr. Kehres.

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