The Polaris UK Grand Prix lineup has been revealed

The thirteenth Polaris event was originally scheduled for the 4th of April and was set to be an Absolute Grand Prix featuring entrants from across the world like Nicky Rodriguez, Nathan Orchard, Adam Wardzinski and Kaynan Duarte. Sadly, the recent Coronavirus pandemic put the entire event in jeopardy and not only did it have to be postponed, given a new venue and arranged without any crowd in attendance, but travel restrictions have also limited the event to featuring solely UK-based athletes with an agreed weight limit of 90kg.

When the announcement was first made that the event would go ahead as a UK Grand Prix, there was a lot of speculation as to who would be competing. The two most likely competitors seem to have come to fruition as ADCC European Trials Winner and ADCC 2019 competitor, Ross Nicholls, and regular Polaris competitor with an unbeaten promotional record, Freddie Vosgrone, are both set to compete for the chance to win the $10,000 grand prize. As something of a surprise entrant, UFC fighter and popular UK grappler Tom Breese will also be competing in the Polaris UK Grand Prix as he does not currently have an MMA fight booked. Dominic Dillon, Taylor Pearman, Silviu Nastasa, River Dillon, and Shane Curtis will also be in the running for the grand prize, while a superfight has also been announced between two highly experienced UK competitors, Jed Hue and Dinu Bucalet.


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