The XIII International Summer Kyokushin Camp is in the books

With smiles on their faces and a little bit of sadness, the XIII International KWU Summer Camp in Kamchia, Bulgaria was concluded yesterday, with more than 1600 karatekas from all over the world gathered around for the final goodbye. For this year, of course.

The camp was conducted by the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation and the Kyokushin World Union. Exactly 1618 participants and trainers from 28 countries were training together for the last one week in Kamchia.

The final day of the event was for the “KYU” and “DAN” examination. The tests were examined by Kancho Hatsuo Royama, the President of Kyokushin-kan International Karate Organization and co-chair of KWU.

After the exams were all done, the karatekas took a photo together on the beach and the camp was officially over.

Image: Milen Lesemann, BKKF

The XIII International KWU Summer Camp will be remembered with a couple of unique events which were part of the framework of the camp.

The first-ever World Cup “Varna” for cadets, juniors and U21’s took place on July 2nd and on the 3rd and 4th of July SENSHI’s third special edition – SENSHI Cup was held at the Amphitheater in Kamchia.

428 karatekas from 18 countries participated in the World Cup.

Image: Milen Lesemann, BKKF

The SENSHI Cup fights were conducted under the rules of КWU International Professional League which included blows to the head, elbows, and throws.


Two of the biggest kickboxing legends – Peter Aerts and Semmy Schilt were special guests of the Camp. The Dutch legends guided some of the training sessions. Schilt, Ashihara karateka, even took part in the karate practices and drills.

Image: Milen Lesemann, BKKF

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