Throwback: Remy Bonjasky insane head kick KO (VIDEO)

There’s no debate on the fact that Remy Bonjasky is one of the greatest kickboxers to ever live on this planet.

The Dutch-Surinamese fighter’s nickname was “The Flying Gentleman” because of his trademark flying knee that he landed hundreds of times.

The perfect execution of this technique, of course, made him a global superstar, but that wasn’t his only tool in his arsenal.

And one of the best proofs for that is his bout against Croatia’s Petar Majstorovic back in 2002. Remy gets the W after a couple of brutal head kicks that land right on the spot before he KOs Majstorovic with one of the most powerful high kicks to the head you’ll ever see.

WARNING! Watching this video may cause the smashing of the replay button!

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