Throwback: Stilyan Petrov – Peter Mozidlovski at ICHIGEKI 2007 (VIDEO)

Today we’ll be using the time machine as we go back to 2007 to watch again one of the most memorable Kyokushin fights between the Bulgarian Stilyan Petrov and the Pole Peter Mozidlovski.

The clash was part of the ICHIGEKI fight night. At that time, Mozidlovski was a two-time European Kyokushin champion, but Petrov had the better fighting plan in this -70 kg bout.

Afterward, Petrov became a World Kyokushin champion in the -75 kg category. He claimed the throne in 2013 and he called it a career after the tournament.

Prior to his World title, Petrov had won the USA (2008) and Japan (2013) championships. The Bulgarian was a multiple national and Balkan prize winner and he claimed 4 bronze medals from Europeans championships.

In 2007 Stilyan went to Tokyo, Japan where he began a three months Uchi-deshi training course. Today Sensei Stilyan Petrov is coaching and international karate Kyokushin judge likewise.

Mozidlovski, meanwhile, is a 2009 World championship bronze medalist, 4-time European champ and 5-time Poland champion.

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