Timofey Nastyukhin upsets Eddie Alvarez’s ONE debut (VIDEO)

It won’t be a night to remember for former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez (29-7), that’s for sure. Alvarez lost his long-awaited ONE debut vs. Russia’s Timofey Nastyukhin (13-4).

The fight was part of the “ONE Championship 92: A New Era.” and the American was sent into oblivion with 50 seconds left on the clock in the first round. After this W, Nastyukhin is marching on to the semi-finals in the lightweight category of the tournament.

The 1st round started evenly, as both fighters were trying to stay on their feet. Then in the last minute, the Russian managed to take control of the fight and he landed a big right hand that shook Alvarez. The 29-year-old Nastyukhin kept the pressure and with Alvarez covering up along the fence, he went down to a knee and Nastyukhin was relentless until the referee stepped in for the stoppage.

This is the first time in Eddie’s career that he has back-to-back losses. His last UFC fight in 2018 was a TKO loss to Dustin Poirier.

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