Tokyo 2020 President Mori’s announcement of resignation

Today Tokyo 2020 held a gathering of Council and Executive Board members, during which President Mori announced his resignation.

With just over five months to go before the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Games, President Mori’s resignation may be a cause of concern to you. However, we ensure you that we will proceed with the appointment of a successor in a swift and transparent manner in order to limit the impact on our preparation for the Games.

We will also consider specific actions to take, in light of opinions and recommendations voiced at today’s gathering, regarding how we can use this opportunity to further promote gender equality in society.

Tokyo 2020 would be most grateful for your continued cooperation as we work towards hosting the Games this summer. All of us at the Organising Committee will do our utmost to re-earn your trust, as we renew our commitment to contribute to society through the hosting of the Tokyo 2020 Games.”

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