Tony Ferguson: I’ve got the belt in my room

Former interim UFC lightweight champion Tony Ferguson already has a UFC belt in his fight week hotel room.

The fighter says the thought of adding another really doesn’t entice him all that much.

“I’ve got the belt in my room,” Ferguson said at a virtual media day session ahead of UFC 256. “I could go after another belt, but how much greed is that? I’ve got an ‘Ultimate Fighter’ trophy. I’ve got a Fighters Only award trophy. I’ve got a UFC belt. I’ve got medals, and I’m ‘Lord of the Rings’ with all my championship rings. How much greed can you want? You want to be like Khabib (Nurmagomedov) and hold on to it?”

It’s an interesting take from Ferguson, but then again, “El Cucuy” has built a career on his unique flavor.

“I’m the CSO of the UFC,” Ferguson said. “CSO means chief security officer If you need something done, count on me. Reliable. I go out there and I make it happen. Name another (expletive) that’s out there in the top-five that does that (expletive). Top 15 or top 30. You’ve got to go lower in the bracket to have fighters that are barely making it to have that attitude.”

He has yet to compete for an undisputed title despite his track record of success.

“Man, that title is a wet dream,” Ferguson said. “Like that Farmers Insurance commercial: “Oh, you almost got it. Keep it going. We’re just going to keep dangling it in front of you.” I don’t know what the problem is. I don’t know if it’s because I’m Mexican. I’m American with Mexican parts. Twelve-fight win streak. Eight years in the making, before women’s sports were even in. Conor (McGregor) was on welfare. … All these different things, and I still didn’t earn a title shot.”

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