Top 10 moments from the 2020 Sambo World Championships (VIDEO)

Even though 2020 didn’t offer a lot of Sambo action, the most important competition managed to take place this past month.

The World Championships was held in November in Serbia with more than 400 sambists from over 30 countries took part in the glorious events among youths, juniors, and seniors.

Here are the top 10 actions from the competitions:

10. Elena Bondareva (Russia)

9. Samvel Kazarian (Russia)

8. Gulfia Mukhtarova (Russia)

7. Vladyslav Rudniev (Ukraine)

6. Aliaksandr Koksha (Belarus)

5. Yerkebulan Kuangaliyev (Kazakhstan)

4. Vera Lotkova (Russia)

3. Alexey Ivanov (Russia)

2. Seidou Nji Mouluh (Cameron)

1. Valentin Moldavskiy (Russia)

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