Top 8 Karate Myths That Will Make You Amazed

Are you excited to know about the top karate myths? If so, we’ve verified some myths and found the truth. Keep reading.


You can find many myths surrounding karate. Most of us believe them, and others don’t. So, what’s the truth behind them?

Let’s find out the truth and reality! Keep reading this post to learn about the top eight karate myths.

1) When You Earn Your Black Belt, It’s A Must To Register Yourself As A Deadly Weapon To The Police Station!

This myth is entirely false. When you earn the black belt, it means that you have mastered the fundamentals of martial arts.

And a valid owner of the black belt will never cause any harm to others nor use their power of art in any illegal activity.

Martial art is for defense only. Your black belt is never dangerous compared to a gun. Also, no state will ask you to register yourself as a possible danger.

This myth is to keep you away from learning martial arts. It is good to know about karate and its history beforehand to learn martial arts without any hesitation. Your journey of martial arts will be very successful.

2) If You Earn A Black Belt, You’re Now A Karate Master!

It’s a false myth. There are around ten ranks of the black belt as well as ten others below it. However, the first Dan is Shodan which means mastery of the basics.

And, just earning a black belt doesn’t mean that you have mastered karate. You have to master many things on the way.

3) The Martial Artist Does Amazing Feats To Injure A Rival And Can Break Bricks Or Boards!

This myth is neither wholly true nor false. When it comes to climbing up the walls, a martial artist with years of experience and training can run up three to four steps on a wall.

Above all, those who learn martial arts are human. And gravity affects everyone. Martial artists can break boards or bricks, but not everyone. And, they do this for practice only – not to harm anyone.

If a martial artist does any unique trick without prior experience and training can make him badly injured.

Also, they use the energy fields, but this is to keep their mind focused on power and strength. Martial artists never abuse their power for any illegal or abusive activity.

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