Top karatekas join list of qualified athletes for ANOC World Beach Games

The list of athletes who will participate in the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games has been updated once that the continental championships in Europe and America were finalized. Enzo Montarello of France, Dilara Eltemur of Turkey and Andrea Armada of Venezuela are among the new competitors joining the event to be held in San Diego (USA) from October 10 to 11. 

The last tickets to the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games were decided at the PKF Pan American Championships and the EKF Karat Championships which were held in March. No less than 10 karatekas from 10 different countries have joined the list to take part in the anticipated debut of the sport at the World Beach Games.

In Male Kata, Roman Heydarov of Azerbaijan qualified after finishing the EKF European Championships in the third place, while Enzo Montarello of France used his seventh place at the 2018 World Championships to make it to the World Beach Games.


Meanwhile, Nikolai Josef Arango of the Dominican Republic and Hector Cencion of Panama won their places among the qualified athletes following their bronze medals at the 2019 PKF Pan American Championships. The roster of athletes from PKF to join the event was completed with David Contreras of Colombia who finished the World Championships in ninth place.

Up-and-coming karatekas will try to surprise in San Diego after confirming their qualification to the event. Dilara Eltermur of Turkey won the ticket as the promising athlete ended the EKF European Championships with a bronze medal. The second European karateka joining the list is Ema Brazdova of Slovakia who finished the World Championships in the ninth place.

Two competitors from Pan American countries are also being included in the list. Jessica Kwong of the United States and Andrea Armada of Venezuela both took the third spot of the final podium at the PKF Senior Championships and will travel to San Diego. The list of Female competitors for the World Beach Games after this update is completed with Fatemeh Sadeghi Dastak of Iran who had taken the ninth place at the World Championships.

The representatives of the host country to take part in the event were also confirmed in this last update. The two spots for the organising nation went to Ariel Torres and Sakura Kokumai. The top Kata karatekas of the USA demonstrated their abilities at the PKF Senior Championships. Ariel Torres surprised after taking the gold medal while Sakura Kokumai earned the silver medal in Panama.

No less than 39 athletes out of the 64 participants have qualified for the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games. Twenty-six countries will be thus far represented in the anticipated event.


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