Train at home with Semmy Schilt today!

For a second saturday in a row combat sports fans have the chance to join Semmy Schilts online masterclass. The second online session with the Dutch legend starts today at 5 PM CET (Amsterdam time).

If you want to join the masterclass with the 4x K-1 Heavyweight Champion you have to download the StarLeaf app and register at this address:

You will receive date, time and a code in your e-mail. Through this code you can access the app 30 minutes before the start of the session.

Due to technical restrictions by StarLeaf only the first 100 registered can train with Semmy.

The first online session with the Dutch giant took place last saturday and was welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm and excellent reviews. The initiative by SENSHI and Semmy Schilt is part of the #ResponsibleAtHome movement and #FGAUnited.

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