Tyson Fury dismisses Joshua’s KO threat

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury doesn’t believe Anthony Joshua was talking from his heart when he vowed to knockout “The Gy[sy King” in their unification bout.

There is still nothing official with the negotiations still going on. But Fury told Fox Miami:

Mark Robinson/ Matchroom Boxing

“I don’t think he’s as good as people crack him up to be, or he doesn’t believe he is his own self. He’s got a confidence issue.

“It’s a nice quote. The fight has been brewing for a long time. They’ve been avoiding me for a long time. Now it’s finally got to happen.

“I’ve never seen him take anybody’s head off anybody’s shoulders in all of his 22 fights. It’s probably a lie, another lie. We’ll see if he’s got the guts to try and do it.”

“I just see myself as the regular average Joe. Don’t have the great body, don’t have anything brilliant about me,” said Fury.

“There’s never been a 6ft 9, 275lb guy who can move like a middleweight. I’m a freak of nature.”

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