Tyson Fury feels he has nothing left to prove, but fights on for himself

Tyson Fury has legitimately done about all you can really do in boxing, and at the age of 31, he’s unbeaten.

Is there reason to fight on? Fury says there isn’t anything for him to prove, but he’ll box on because he likes doing it, and he relishes proving doubters wrong, which he has many times now:

“Klitschko did it until he was 40. A lot of the great champions are continuing, and continuing. I ain’t boxing for money, I ain’t boxing for fame, I ain’t boxing for a belt. I’m boxing because it keeps me mentally happy and I like to do it. … [H]ere I am today, stand-alone heavyweight, leading superstar in boxing. I’m still fat, still ugly, still bald, still a big man, and I’m still unstoppable.”

Fury (30-0-1, 21 KO) had previously talked about fighting twice more and retiring, but more recently has said he figures he’ll fight for years to come.

At this time, Fury is contractually obligated to face Deontay Wilder in a third fight, which was originally planned for July, then October, and is now up in the air but expected to happen at some point. If he gets past that, the natural matchup would be with WBA/IBF/WBO titleholder Anthony Joshua, but there are all kinds of potential roadblocks there with mandatory challengers among their four shared belts and what have you, including Fury’s current WBC mandatory, Dillian Whyte.

Whatever he does, the eyes will be on Tyson Fury, who has proven many times over that he should no longer be doubted.

Source: badlefthook.com


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