Tyson Fury: I’ll beat Andy Ruiz with one hand tied behind my back

Tyson Fury is planning to have easy time versus champion Andy Ruiz Jr. when the time comes for the two of them to fight. Fury isn’t impressed with the heavyweight title holder.

“I will let the fans decide which hands to put behind my back and beat Ruiz with my other hand, because I only need one hand for him,” said Fury to TMZ.

“100 percent,” said Fury when asked if he plans on knocking out WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder in their rematch on February 22 next year.

“I think it’s going to be an expect fight. I’m really looking forward to the fight in September first, and then I’m going to knock Deontay Wilder out. But even if he knocks me out, I’ll still be looking forward to it, because that’s boxing. You win some and you lose some. Every great dynasty has to come to an end, but I don’t believe Deontay Wilder is going to put the Gypsy King to rest. No way,” said Fury.

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