Tyson Fury: Wilder will be more dangerous in this fight

Tyson Fury believes he will win the third fight in more impressive fashion, but he’s taking Deontay Wilder very seriously.

Back in February, Fury dropped and stopped Wilder in the seventh round to capture the WBC world title at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“You know, I take every fight very, very serious,” Fury said to the Gary Newbon Sports Show.

“Deontay Wilder is a serious, serious customer and he will get a serious, serious training camp. I know that Deontay Wilder will want to win this more than anything because he’s never lost before. It’s his time to prove that he can come back, he can become a two-time world heavyweight champion.”

Image: BGNES

“He’ll be more dangerous in this fight than he ever has been before. This is the only business that I’m interested in – the only business. And when it happens, it happens and I’ll be waiting in the wings for the call.”

Fury believes Wilder can fix certain mistakes and enter the third bout as a better fighter.

“I think so. He only needs to land one punch in the right place and it’s over as we’ve seen him do 40-odd times before. You can never, ever, ever write anybody off. I’ve learned that during my life and my career. I’ve been wrote-off every fight I’ve ever had and I always win,” Fury said.

“Never write anybody off. A man who’s lost his last fight, been dropped and everyone’s lost confidence in is always a dangerous man.”

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