Tyson Fury’s cut required 47 stitches to close

Lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury sufferеd a huge gash over his right eye that required 47 stitches to close.

That happened after the victory over the tough Otto Wallin… which came at a cost for the “Gypsy King”.

Fury was taken to the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada after the fight to meet with a plastic surgeon to have his damaged right eye repaired.

After that the Brit said:

“I’m fantastic. They did an absolutely fantastic job on it. Fifty stitches in it.”

Photo: БТА

On the plus side, that’s not quite as bad as the 60 stitches that was required for repair Vitali Klitschko’s cut he suffered in his 6th round stoppage loss against boxing great Lennox Lewis in 2003, but it’s very close.

Klitschko’s fight with Lewis was stopped after six rounds by the ringside doctor due to his bad cut.

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