UFC launches new website with intensive statistics and record keeping

The UFC has launched a new Record Book website and fans can now deep dive into statistics and records for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Many other sports have intensive record-keeping websites for statistics, such as Baseball-Reference for MLB and HockeyDB for hockey. Now, the UFC has its own such site in the form of the UFC Record Book. Many of the stats are taken from the old FightMetric website and they are now put together in a much more comprehensive website.

The introduction of the UFC Record Book comes at the perfect time, as fans are struggling to stay busy during the coronavirus outbreak. With this new tool, fans will be able to deep dive into the UFC’s statistics, dating all the way back to the beginning of the Octagon in 1993. It will surely help fans pass the time until the UFC returns.

Want to know who has the most fights in the UFC? You can find that here. Want to know who has the most wins in the UFC? You can see that, too. The same goes for most knockouts, submissions, etc.

Of course, fans go delve even further. You can look up more intensive statistics such as significant strikes landed, most time in control on the mat, and shortest or longest fight time, for example.

For statistics nuts, the new UFC Record Book is something that’s a long time coming. As stated above, many other sports have extremely comprehensive websites for statistics and record keeping. It was only a matter of time for the UFC to have its own.

Source: BJpenn.com

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