Updated regulations for sambo world rankings

The Regulations of the FIAS World ranking list 2022 are now clear.

They have been published on the FIAS website. According to the document, the list of rating tournaments includes 5 types of competitions for adult athletes.

List of ranking tournaments

1. World Championships.

2. World Super Cup.

3. World Cup.

4. Continental Championships.

5. Continental Cups (open).


As before only 1 athlete per country is allowed to participate in the World Championships, Continental Championships and the World Super Cup in each weight category.

In the World Cup, 2 athletes per country are allowed in each weight category. In the Continental Cup, 4 athletes per country are allowed in each weight category.

Points tally is kept during the calendar year. The athlete has 4 best results are counted for the current year. According to the ranking list results, the winners (1st, 2nd and one 3rd place) are awarded with cash prizes.

The official draw for the World Sambo Championship (adults) will be based on the ranking place of each of the participants.

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